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v1.1.0 (Pine Needle)

Type: Minor

Released: 28/02/2024

This version focuses on improvements to the homepage, a rejig of some of the components on the front-end and a rebuild of the changelog area, as well as some back-end security & performance updates.

  • Changed: Homepage redesigned to better focus and highlight the products.
  • Changed: hero image to better represent the brand colours.
  • Changed: Header now includes search functionality.
  • Added: Security improved with Patchstack.
  • Added: Entire platform now runs through Cloudflare API.
  • Added: Mobile now displays sticky search at the top of page.
  • Removed: Reviews on newsletter CTA removed for now.
  • Changed: Made some cosmetic alterations to CSS.
  • Changed: Bumped version number.
  • Added: Google Site Kit integration, Analytics live, Console, and preparations for AdSense integration.