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Getting TFTT images on your device.

So, you've bought an awesome image from TFTT? Thanks a lot! You are the best! Let's help you get this on your device as wallpaper.

After purchasing from TFTT, you need to head to your account. While logged in, go to the menu, then hover over shop until your “Account” below. Click on account and it’ll take you to your account dashboard, where you can view your purchases, change your details and see your downloads.

Click downloads, and it’ll show you all of your purchased digital downloads from TFTT.

In the “Download” row, you’ll find the name of the file to download. If you click on that, it’ll automatically download to your device. Now, depending on what device you’re using, it’s going to go into a couple of different places.

For iPhones, it’ll go into your “Files”. Search and open the Files app, and go to “Downloads” and it should be there. For MacOS, the principle is the same. It’ll go into “Downloads”, as well as on Windows PC’s. For Android based devices, it may go into “My Files” or “File Manager” depending on which version of Android you are using.

Important: Depending on how you access your download, it may require you to hold down on your screen and press “Save Image” (mobile).

How to install your wallpaper on iOS (iPhone)

iOS 16 brought with it lots of really nice wallpaper and lockscreen customisations, and now it’s easier than ever before to install your new wallpaper.

After you have saved your downloaded image to your photo library on iOS, wo select a new lockscreen/wallpaper, hold down on your lockscreen when it is locked (but the screen is on). It will pop up with something that resembles the first image above. Choose photos, and select the image you purchased. You can then either save or reposition the image how you like, add customisations etc.

How to install your wallpaper on Android (Samsung etc)

On Android, the principle is much the same as iOS. Once you have downloaded your photo to your gallery, hold down on a blank space on your current wallpaper. When the dialog pops up, choose wallpapers. Then select the image you purchased, and select set wallpaper.

You can find more details about Android wallpaper install here on Google’s official website.

How to install your wallpaper on MacOS (MacBook etc.) or Windows (PC).

In order to install your wallpaper as a desktop wallpaper on MacOS or Windows, the process is super simple. Simply navigate to your downloads directory, right click the image you purchased and choose “Set as desktop wallpaper”. On MacOS, if you are using the “Spaces” feature, where you can have multiple windows scrolling horizontally, this will only set the wallpaper for the active Space. On PC, your wallpaper is now applied.

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